API MELAFIX Review: Can You Use MELAFIX With Snails? 

Can You Use MELAFIX With Snails 

API MELAFIX Review: Can You Use MELAFIX With Snails? 

Bacterial infections are the second most common cause of fish diseases, following parasites. Numerous antibiotics are available that claim to effectively treat antibacterial infections in fish and other tank invertebrates. One such antibiotic, MELAFIX, is commonly used to treat bacterial infections in fish because of its natural ingredients. However, the question remains: Can you use MELAFIX with snails?

You can use Melafix with snails because it’s a safe antibacterial treatment that doesn’t harm snails or tank mates. API Melafix, a natural extract, maintains the tank’s balance without disrupting the biological filter or plants. Be cautious, as overuse can be fatal, particularly in community tanks.

Overall rating95
Value for money90
Ease of use95


Highly Potent

MELAFIX has proven to be highly effective in combating bacterial infections in fish. It cures a wide range of bacterial infections in fish and tank invertebrates. Furthermore, it delivers noticeable results within weeks. 

Broad Spectrum

MELAFIX treats bacterial infections in fish and tank mollusks. It has been used to cure organ infections, skin conditions, fin disorders, and other issues affecting fish. It is also successful in treating septic open wounds and infections.

In addition to bacterial issues, MELAFIX has shown efficacy against fungal and parasitic invasions in fish, such as eye and mouth fungus. 


MELAFIX is a natural product derived from the bark of the Melaleuca tree. It is available as a soluble oil in liquid or powder form. The product is free from metals, chlorine, and sulfates. It does not harm fish, mollusks, crustaceans, or aquatic plants. Being colorless and odorless, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor tanks.

MELAFIX is safe for plants as it enhances oxygen levels in the tank. However, safety concerns arose primarily when MELAFIX was overdosed or mixed with other products.

Safe for the Tank’s Biological Filter

Unlike many other bacterial medications, MELAFIX does not harm the beneficial bacteria that serve as the tank’s biological filter. These bacteria maintain ammonia and nitrate levels within the suitable range for fish and other creatures to thrive.

By preserving the tank’s biological filter, MELAFIX addresses one problem without creating another. 

A Good Tank Sanitizer

In addition to curing ailing fish and rejuvenating tank mates, MELAFIX also acts as a tank sanitizer. It eliminates disease-causing bacteria, making the water safe.

Adding MELAFIX to the tank periodically is recommended to prevent the spreading of diseases in the tank.


Harmful to Humans

MELAFIX contains beta-myrcene, a potent carcinogen that can be harmful to humans. It is important for individuals handling MELAFIX to take safety precautions and limit their exposure to the product.

Some customers have reported skin irritation after coming into contact with the product. It is recommended to use protective gloves and masks when handling MELAFIX. 

Lethal When Overdosed

Using excessive amounts of MELAFIX can be lethal to the tank ecosystem. Overdosing the product can disrupt the pH and salinity balance of the tank, putting fish, snails, and plants at risk.

Many customers who reported the product causing harm to their tank creatures either failed to carefully read the dosage instructions or mixed the product with other chemicals. 

Causes Respiratory Stress in Fish, Snails, and Plants

MELAFIX is chemically classified as soluble oil. Like any oil, it can cause respiratory stress as it binds to oxygen, making it more difficult for respiratory organs to access. This can explain why fish and snails may appear lethargic when MELAFIX is used in the tank.

They may not die, but they generally exhibit signs of stress. To mitigate this, it is advisable to use MELAFIX in smaller doses.

Who Should Buy This?

MELAFIX is an ideal product for any owner of a community tank that houses fish. Bacterial infections are unavoidable in fish, even with proper maintenance.

Community tank setups pose particular risks, as snails and other invertebrates can act as carriers of bacteria, fungi, and parasites while being more immune to the diseases caused by these microorganisms. They can easily transmit these pathogens to fish, spreading bacteria throughout the entire tank.

This is where MELAFIX becomes invaluable. Adding it occasionally to the tank helps prevent the spread of bacteria. As a preventive measure, MELAFIX enhances tank safety, making it a valuable product for community tank owners.

If fish and snails accidentally acquire a bacterial infection, MELAFIX will be used as a curative measure. As earlier stated, the medication has also shown effectiveness against fungal and parasitic infections. So, it is a must-have for all community tank aquarists.


Free From Copper and Hard Metals

Snails are sensitive to metals, and many fish medications contain copper. However, MELAFIX is one of the copper-free fish medications available on the market. It is a broad-spectrum and highly effective treatment. 

Prevents and Cures Many Common Diseases

When used as recommended, MELAFIX can prevent and cure almost any common fish disease. Since some of these diseases also affect snails, using MELAFIX will contribute to the overall health of your snails as well. 

Better Water Quality

MELAFIX inhibits the growth and spread of dangerous bacteria that contribute to the production of toxins in the tank. This includes bacteria like Mycobacterium marinum, which not only spread diseases but also contribute to increased levels of tank ammonia, nitrite, chloramines, and hydrogen sulfide.

These harmful bacteria also disrupt the growth of beneficial bacteria such as Nitromonas and Nitrobacter species. MELAFIX targets harmful bacteria while leaving beneficial bacteria unaffected, improving overall water quality.

Reduces Algal Growth

While not commonly known, MELAFIX actually helps lower algae growth. Algae thrive less in oily environments, and since MELAFIX is a natural oil, it inhibits algal growth. This is why the occasional use of MELAFIX is recommended, even in healthy tanks. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

By reducing the risk of bacterial infections and algal blooms, MELAFIX significantly lowers tank maintenance costs.

The Downsides

It Is Pricey

MELAFIX is indeed not the most affordable antibacterial solution on the market. It comes at a higher cost than other alternatives that serve the same purpose. However, it is important to consider that quality often comes at a price.

Comes With Some Hidden Costs

When using chemicals like MELAFIX, there are additional costs to consider. You may need to change filters more frequently and monitor aeration systems closely, as these chemicals can cause clogging or reactions with elements in these systems. This may require more regular maintenance. Nevertheless, in most cases, these costs are relatively minor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will MELAFIX kill beneficial bacteria?

MELAFIX, a naturally occurring oil extract, does not kill beneficial bacteria in the tank. Its main target is harmful bacteria, particularly those affecting fish. The product packaging label clearly states this.

Is MELAFIX safe for snails?

MELAFIX is entirely safe for snails. As a natural extract, it does not contain hard metals, nitrites, or chloramines. It is also safe for fish and other tank invertebrates. However, it can harm snails if used in excessive doses, mainly by restricting respiration rather than through chemical toxicity.

Can MELAFIX be used with other chemicals?

MELAFIX should only be used on its own in your tank. Some customers have reported catastrophic outcomes when combining MELAFIX with Levamisole or other chemicals.

Does MELAFIX promote tissue regeneration in aquatic plants?

MELAFIX has potent capabilities for supporting tissue regeneration. This is why it is highly effective in healing fish wounds, cuts, and abrasions.

Does MELAFIX have any benefits for snails?

MELAFIX helps prevent the multiplication of bacteria in the snail’s body. Its anti-parasitic properties can also assist snails in fighting flukes and other parasites. Furthermore, MELAFIX’s regenerative power promotes healthy growth in snail body tissue.

Can I use MELAFIX to treat sick snails?

It depends on the specific condition. Snails can sometimes suffer from bacterial and fungal infections similar to those affecting fish, which can be improved with fish antibacterial medication like MELAFIX. However, issues such as shell rot or swollen foot diseases are beyond the capabilities of MELAFIX and may require stronger medications.

Closing Remarks

MELAFIX is a widely utilized antibacterial medication known for its effectiveness in preventing and treating fungal and bacterial infections in fish. It is safe to use in freshwater and marine aquariums if the instructions are followed carefully. Proper dosage is crucial for optimal results.

Whether you are a fish enthusiast or have snails and other tank inhabitants, MELAFIX is a valuable addition to your aquarium arsenal. It serves as both a preventive measure and a curative solution. 



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