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API MELAFIX Review: Can You Use MELAFIX With Snails? 

Bacterial infections are the second most common cause of fish diseases, following parasites. Numerous antibiotics are available that claim to effectively treat antibacterial infections in fish and other tank invertebrates. One such antibiotic, MELAFIX, is commonly used to treat bacterial infections in fish because of its natural ingredients. However, the question remains: Can you use MELAFIX with snails?


Best Algae Killers for Your Snail Tank: Top 4 Reviewed

Looking for the best algae killer for your snail tank? Algae blooms can wreak havoc on your tank’s ecosystem, affecting plant and animal growth while diminishing its visual appeal. Fortunately, algae killers can swiftly eliminate these overgrowths, restoring balance within days. But which is the best algae killer for your snail tank?


Best Eggshells for Snails

In this article, I explore the benefits of eggshells for snails, followed by a comprehensive guide on how to prepare them. Continue reading for valuable insights.